4 Effective Tips to Successful Sports Betting Online

Many people bet on sports online because they want to make money, or because they just find the whole experience very exciting. If you have bet on sports online previously for money, then you know it isn’t easy to win. Even though there are thousands of punters who win every day, and make additional income from it, it can definitely be difficult for someone who is starting out and isn’t aware of all the different strategies involved. One of the most important things you need to know to avoid getting confused is that there are many strategies out there but a lot don’t work for everyone. It depends on the cash available, the markets you are betting on and the type of person you are. Here are 4 safe and effective tips to successful betting online that apply to most sports markets:

Bankroll Management

bankroll-managementYou should always put some cash aside when you bet on sports, stick with 2 pots; 1 for gambling and 1 for saving, also known as your bankroll. One pot is the money you are not going to spend no matter how much you end up winning or losing. Kind of like a safety pot. Just like playing games in online casinos, there is always a chance that you will lose some or all of your money. The other pot is money you can afford to lose if you suffer worse case scenario and none of your bets win. The bankroll management strategy involves you using only a small percentage of the bankroll money to place bets each time. This way, you should slowly build up more ‘disposable’ cash and effectively be betting with the bookies money rather than your own, and will still have some money left in your safety pot whether you win or lose.

Avoid the ‘Tilt’

start-bettingGoing on the tilt is a term used by sport punters and other gamblers that refers to their emotions getting the best of them. This is the worst thing that can happen to you as you will end up making very bad decisions. If you end up losing on a continuous basis, then this is a sign that you just need to take a break and clear your head before you start betting again. Keep in mind that not controlling your emotions can also result in serious problems such as addiction. Often if people find gambling getting the better of them, it is the early signs that they could be becoming addicted. Even if you are betting to make money, try to convince yourself that it is all about having fun at the end of the day, and once the fun stops, you stop.

Research as much as You Can

gambling-researchThis is one of the most important strategies in gambling, as this will be the factor of how you place your bets. Your research should involve looking at old statistics, understanding betting systems, and analysing similar games in the past. Researching basically involves doing everything possible to ensure that you have sufficient information to make the best decision. For example, if you are betting on football, look at the past 5 games leading up to the next game to see what form they are currently in. Same goes for horse racing. As horse might be well known but if the form is poor of the previous 5 races, chances are it will continue this bad form in to the next race.

Shop Around

shop-aroundTo become a professional online sports punter, you need to make sure that you shop around and select the best and profitable lines with the bookmakers. This might be confusing in the beginning but means that you will get the best odds available for the market you wish to bet on. Different bookmakers offer different odds for different things. For example, one site may offer better goal markets, where another might offer better card or corner markets. It is good to mix things up a bit and compare what the odds are across at least 3 different sites before placing your bet.

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